Frequently Asked Questions

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Application and Removal

Check out our featured tutorial here for complete instructions. 

If you are wearing GELIs without a top coat, or with a regular air-dry top coat, you can either peel them off or use nail polish remover. Continue to go over your nails with nail polish remover until both the color and adhesive is removed. 

If you are wearing GELIs with a gel top coat, you can peel them off. If your nails are brittle, start by soaking them in warm water 5-10 minutes. Next, grab cuticle oil. Peel off one of the corners of the GELIs, and drop cuticle oil on your nail. The cuticle oil helps dissolve the adhesive, and makes it easier to peel without damaging your nails. 

They sure can! You can either layer them on themselves, or add on top of your gel, dip, or regular polish manicure. 

Yes! And if you have oily nail beds, base coat is recommended. 

General Questions

Wear time varies depending on your nail type. On average though, GELIs will last between 10-14 days. To extend the length of your manicure/pedicure, use a top coat. 

Absolutely! Our nail strips can be used on both hands and feet.

Yes! For best results, avoid soaking your hands in water 3-5 hours after applying to let the adhesive fully stick to your nails. Otherwise, the GELIs may fall off.


As long as your order hasn't shipped you can! Email us at to request a cancelation. If your order has shipped and you need to cancel, we'll send you a return slip to return all your items. You'll just have to pay for shipping for the return (roughly $4-$5 depending on your order size).


As of right now, we only ship our GELIs within the US. Looking to expand soon though!

We ship all of our orders as USPS First Class packages that take 3-5 days to be delivered. We are not responsible for any delays once the order has left our fulfillment center, and any issues can be worked out with USPS directly.

We ship from Texas through USPS. All of our packages are first class packages with average delivery times of 3-5 days.

If your order hasn't shipped yet, you can send us the correct address. Once it's shipped, you'll need to work through USPS to re-route your items. There are normally fees involved. 

Top Coat

GELIs do not require a top coat, but you can double the wear of your mani or pedi with top coat applied. Top coat, whether it's gel or regular, will protect your GELIs and add extra shine.

If you are using a gel top coat, any works fine!

If you are using regular top coat, just avoid the quick-dry top coats as those cause the GELIs to shrink and peel. All others should work ok!

The diamond and matte top coat cure in 1-2 minutes. The glitter top coat takes a bit longer, so you'll want to cure 2-3 minutes. 


No. GELIs do not need to be cured to be worn. Our Starter Kit includes a gel top coat that does need to be cured with UV. We found gel top coat really extends the wear time, but if you don't want to use UV, you can wear your GELIs without a top coat, or with a regular top coat.