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Everything you need to get started. Get 3 GELIs (of your choice, of course), a gel top coat, a mini UV lamp, and a cuticle oil, all for 20% off.

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Stick-on nail polish


Apply GELI nail stickers at home in under 10 minutes. They're easy to apply, don't damage your nails, and last 14 days. Get a beautiful mani for $8.

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From cuticle oil, to top coats, we got you covered. Everything you need to level up your at-home manicure.

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GELIs 101

Nail your application

  • Peel

    Peel the GELI off the paper backing

  • Stick

    Apply the GELI to your clean nail

  • File

    Trim the excess

  • Seal

    Seal with a top coat


We make the world's best and easiest at home nails.

  • GELIs last up to 14 days.

    No more chipping or long visits to the nail salon. Our GELIs last up to 14 days.

  • Damage-free & easy removal

    Gone are the days of hour long gel or dip removal. GELIs peel off in seconds, leaving no damage.

  • More than 100 of 5-star reviews

    Our customers love us! Try out GELIs and you'll find out why.

  • Great quality that won't break the bank

    We believe that beautiful nails shouldn't cost you $100+. That's why our sets start at only $8.


How do I apply GELIs?

Check out our featured tutorial here for complete instructions. 

How do I remove GELIs?

If you are wearing GELIs without a top coat, or with a regular air-dry top coat, you can either peel them off or use nail polish remover. Continue to go over your nails with nail polish remover until both the color and adhesive is removed. 

If you are wearing GELIs with a gel top coat, you can peel them off. If your nails are brittle, start by soaking them in warm water 5-10 minutes. Next, grab cuticle oil. Peel off one of the corners of the GELIs, and drop cuticle oil on your nail. The cuticle oil helps dissolve the adhesive, and makes it easier to peel without damaging your nails. 

Can GELIs be layered?

They sure can! You can either layer them on themselves, or add on top of your gel, dip, or regular polish manicure. 

Do GELI's harden?

GELIs are made of regular nail polish, meaning they do not harden, do not need to be cured, and cannot be used to extend the length of your nail.

The UV lamp included in the Starter Kit is for the gel top coat, that does need to be cured.

Can I add a base coat under GELIs?

Yes! And if you have oily nail beds, base coat is recommended. 

How long to GELIs last?

On average, GELIs will last between 10-14 days. To extend the length of your GELIs, use a top coat. 

Can GELIs be applied on toes?

Absolutely! GELIs can be used on both hands and feet.

Can I get my hands wet with GELIs?

Yes! For best results, avoid soaking your hands in water 3-5 hours after applying to let the adhesive fully stick to your nails. Otherwise, the GELIs may fall off.

Do I have to wear a top coat?

GELIs do not require a top coat, but you can double the wear of your mani or pedi with top coat applied. Top coat, whether it's gel or regular, will protect your GELIs and add extra shine.

What type of top coat should I use?

Any gel top coat works great.

If you are using regular top coat, just avoid the quick-dry top coats as those cause the GELIs to shrink and peel. All others should work ok!

Can I cancel my order?

As long as your order hasn't shipped you can! Email us at care@gelinails.com to request a cancelation.

If your order has shipped and you need to cancel, we'll send you a return slip to return all your items. You'll just have to pay for shipping for the return (roughly $4-$5 depending on your order size).

Do you ship outside of the US?

Unfortunately not. GELIs are only available to ship within the US.

How long does shipping take?

We ship all of our orders as USPS First Class packages that take 3-5 days to be delivered. We are not responsible for any delays once the order has left our fulfillment center, and any issues can be worked out with USPS directly.

Where do you ship from?

All our orders ship from our office in Austin, Texas. We ship through USPS.