A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Nail prep

A long lasting manicure starts with good nail prep.

Start by pushing back your cuticles, leaving a clean and exposed nail bed. When you've pushed back to your desired level, clean off your nails with acetone or an alcohol pad.

Optional: If you struggle with oily nail beds, you're welcome to add a base coat. Most customers don't need it though!

Step 2: Selecting your GELIs

It's important to find GELIs that are the right size for your nail. Too big, and the edges will lift, making the GELIs peel off. Too small, and you'll have exposed nail.

GELIs however have a bit of stretch. When in doubt, size down and stretch the GELI gently until you have the perfect size.

Step 3: Applying GELIs

GELIs have a paper backing and a clear plastic top-layer.

When you're ready to apply, remove the clear plastic layer before you peel the GELI off the paper backing.

Next, apply the GELI at the base of your nail. Be careful to not place it over your cuticle as that will cause the GELIs to lift. When it looks like it's in the right spot, press down on the GELI, adhering it to your nail.

Step 4: Removing Excess

Optional: use scissors or clippers to cut off a majority of the excess. This makes filing much quicker.

Otherwise, you can bend the excess over your nail. File perpendicular to your nail until a majority of the excess separates.

File one last time to clean up any remaining bits.

Step 5: Seal

Seal with a top coat.

For a gel top coat, apply one coat, and cure until dry.

For regular top coat, be sure to use a regular top coat and avoid any "quick-dry" top coats as those can cause the GELIs to shrink.

Although top coats are technically optional, a top coat will extend the wear of GELIs by more than a week.

Step 6: Let the GELIs set

GELIs take 3-4 hours to fully adhere to your nails. For best results, avoid getting your hands wet for an extended period of time. Washing your hands is fine but avoid hot showers, doing the dishes, swimming, etc.

Step 7: GELIs removal

Out with the old, and in with the new.

There are a few options for removal:

Acetone: GELIs are made of regular nail polish. So if you used a regular top coat, or no top-coat, you can wipe off GELIs with acetone or nail polish remover.

Peel-off: GELIs can be peeled off. If you are dealing with brittle or sensitive nails, either soak your nails in warm water first (a shower does the trick too), or apply cuticle oil under the GELIs to loosen the adhesive.